What our customers
say about Oatfit

"I was introduced to Oatfit in the summer and I've not looked back. Being a type-1 diabetic, I've struggled to find foods that help keep my sugar levels steady in between meals.

I've tried all manner of things but Oatfit is the best at keeping my levels stable until lunch. It also stops me snacking mid-morning, which again helps my levels stabilise and also helps keep the pounds off. Since I swapped my brekkie for Oatfit I've had much better sugar level control and I've stayed slimmer. I can't recommend it enough.


Kelly Hollidge, PR director, London

"Oatfit has made me feel amazing. I am much less bloated and always full until lunchtime. I love to add a handful of raisins for that extra flavour. I only wish I had started eating it sooner. 

Amy Boase, teacher, Swindon

"I really like the product, it's a great idea and I'm a really big fan."


Tom Davies-Ahmed, professional golfer, Hertfordshire


"I have been eating Oatfit breakfast porridge every day and feel less bloated, fuller for longer, and have lost six lbs in weight. The porridge sustains me past lunchtime and I have had no need to eat a mid-morning snack. This is a breakfast change for life for myself and my husband.


Rhian Williams, midwife, Wales

"The taste experience was akin to the first time, as a child, that I tried wholemeal bread. Other porridge is going to taste a bit 'white sliced' from now on!


Jeff Fuge, Wiltshire

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The people behind Oatfit


Wendy is a Registered Nutritionist and member of
The Nutrition Society, Europe's largest learned society for nutrition. She provides scientific, evidence-based information and advice governed by the Association for Nutrition. Wendy has a BSc Honours degree in Public Health Nutrition from Oxford Brookes University and has extensive experience in the NHS and private sectors. She runs a practice in Wimpole Street, London and has clients in the UK, Europe and the US.


Clare is from a foodie background, having grown up
in a family of farmers and butchers in Somerset. She graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a BSc Honours in Food Science, Nutrition and Catering and has worked in product development in the food industry here and in the US. She and husband Phil run food consultancy Tastefinders, researching and developing new products for major manufacturers.

Suitable for people with Type 1 and 2 diabetes