Protect your heart, reduce your waistline
and keep your doctor happy with Oatfit
– the proven formula for a healthier life

Oatfit differs from other porridges, mueslis and wholegrain cereals as it's the result of proven science and years of health and nutrition research and experience.

Oatfit has high satiety levels and will help you cut out snacking, taking you right through to lunchtime.

Oatfit provides more than 40% of the new recommended daily fibre intake of 30g*.

Oatfit delivers 80% of your recommended daily intake of beta-glucans in one serving which is clinically proven to lower cholesterol within 4 weeks.

Oatfit provides vitamins, minerals and low levels of saturated fat, plus energy and fuel for body and brain. It comes in individual pouches in order to maintain the perfect ratio of ingredients.

(*recommended by Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition)

Healthy porridge


Soak Oatfit in milk overnight for improved nutrient absorption, added calcium, protein and flavour. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon or fruit for natural sweetness

Suitable for people with Type 1 and 2 diabetes